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       Terminator, Reill, 2.2mmØ
        -Blade Kit: Reill Terminator
        -“Gums” Kit: Reill, Large & XL
       Terminator, Side-end, 1.6mmØ
        -Blade Kit: Side-end Trmtr
       Large Terminator, 3mmØ
        -Blade Kit: Large Terminator
       XL Terminator, 2.5 – 4mmØ
        -Blade Kit: XL Terminator
       TINY Terminator


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Tiny Terminator Wire Cutter

This short, wire cutter is only 15 cm long but easily capable of severing pins to 1.6 mm (0.62") diameter. Unique linkage design multiplies squeeze force applied to its cutting edge far beyond that of a conventional pin/wire cutter.

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