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The Trial Trail
Owning the instrument needed for a particular procedure may be optimal operationally, but budget constraints and the payback period cannot be determined with comforting certainty. When time and circumstance align, some organizations opt to dabble in trial before committing to a purchase. Sometimes, renting is the reasoned solution to accomplishing immediate objectives while contemplating an uncertain future or awaiting capital expenditure approvals.

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch:
Admittedly, the numbers of instruments available for trials are few and the time period allowed is measured in low single digit days rather than weeks or months. Unless explicitly wavered, expect a fee to cover administrative, handling shipping costs.

Begin the Process:
It starts with a phone call or e-mail to determine availability. Advise us of the primary surgery date and possible alternate dates. Download, complete and FAX back the Loan Agreement to Buxton at the number indicated. Be sure contact information is included with the agreement so that we can contact you to review the details of your needs and arrange delivery.

Avoid Fatal Errors:
Never return any devices under any circumstances without first obtaining a return authorization code. This code is only issued after a completed ‘Clean Certification’ form is received from you. Additional instructions guiding you in the processing and the return of the loan instruments while they are in your care will be included with the trial consignment. Copies of these documents can also be downloaded from the listing to the right or from the “Returning an Instrument” section in the Records department.

Procrastination in the face of uncertainty or tight-fisted financial constraints is both a legitimate strategy and an underappreciated fiscal philosophy.
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