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On Serving Many Masters
It is a matter of law. Cleaning and Sterilization instructions are supplied with all of our products sold for use in surgery.

Despite our best efforts, instructions included with every item shipped sometimes get separated; but you can download copies of our instructions by clicking on the icon to the right. By necessity, our cleaning and sterilization instructions are very conservative with redundant levels of surety. These instructions were written to meet the varied (and changing) mandates of the nearly countless worldwide regulatory agencies imposing concepts of what they deem as safe procedures for their constituents. In 2008 the cleaning and sterilization instructions for our instruments were tested and validated by an independent testing laboratory. Copies of the cleaning and the sterilization validation reports can be downloaded for review by clicking on the link below.

When Time is of the Essence:
All steps were carefully followed per our cleaning and sterilization instructions but the sterilization period was shortened to just 5 minutes. The instruments were then tested for live microbes. It was determined that the required ‘kill level’ was achieved and that our sterilization instructions are valid (and effective) not only for the recommended 15 minutes but for the tested 5 minutes cycle, as well. The microbiologist’s findings applied to both gravity and pre-vacuum cycles, whether the instruments are wrapped or unwrapped.
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