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The Rent Route
Owning the instrument needed for a particular procedure may be optimal but not always possible or practical when budgets are constrained or future full utilization cannot be determined. Wisely, some organizations opt to dabble in rentals before committing to a purchase. Renting is a reasoned solution to accomplishing immediate objectives while contemplating an uncertain future or awaiting capital expenditure approvals.

A limited number of instruments have been set aside for our rental program. Sets are delivered to the hospital at least one business day prior to the scheduled surgery. To keep the program viable, we ask for a commitment to see that the instruments are shipped back to us within a day following the case. A number of medical centers throughout the country have constructively used the rental program on repeated occasions. The obvious downside to renting is the outside chance that a set cannot be made available on very short notice, but when good communication channels are established early, the risk of such disappointment is greatly reduced.

Begin the Process
From our selection of rental offerings determine the product best suited to your needs. When the planned surgery date is known download and complete the Loan Agreement before FAXing it to Buxton at the number indicated. A representative will call you to review the details of your needs and arrange delivery.

Additional instructions guiding you in the processing and the return of the loan instruments while they are in your care will be included with the loan consignment. Copies of these documents can also be downloaded from the listing to the right or from the “Returning an Instrument” section in the Records department.

Procrastination in the face of uncertainty or tight-fisted financial constraints is both a legitimate strategy and an underappreciated fiscal philosophy.
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